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Find you first candidates in 3 days

1-6 months warranty replacement
Experienced IT recruiters will start searching new candidates for your vacancy right away
We work 24/7 in any time zone

We find and hire IT talents all over the world

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About us

There is no task impossible for us and restrictions like salary is not competitive enough, no candidates on the market, everyone wants to work remotely etc
We find and hire IT talents all over the world
Our offices are in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nicosia.

We have our own IT recruiting school, where we train our employees. Recruiter that specializes in the stack of your company will work with the vacancy and hire you the most suitable candidates.

Prior to recruiting, we provide free analytics on your vacancies (a cross-section of salaries, current market condition with candidates in the desired location), impersonal resumes, accounting advice on the registration of candidates in the company.

The cost of recruitment starts from candidate's one month salary. Cost does not depend on the complexity of vacancies. It depends on whether working in parallel with other agencies or hiring is done exclusively by our agency and the period of warranty replacement.

We form strong trusting relationships with our clients. Thanks to a well-coordinated and well-organized process, recruiters find the right candidates up to 3 days after signing the contract. You just have to look at the candidate's CVs and appoint the date and time for the interview.

This is why you should work with us

We will find the first candidates in 3 days, so you’ll be able to schedule an interview with them. It may take longer only if the vacancy is highly specialized. Recruiters start looking for specialists immediately after receiving the vacancy. We will provide a warranty replacement for 1−6 months.
No payments in advance — payment only upon the candidate’s first employment day. It is possible to split the payment into 2 parts. We have various payment options.
Simple and clear contract. It is possible to work under a letter of guarantee or under your contract. No penalties, no costs. There is no risk for you if the vacancy is canceled.
2−3 days for finding first candidates
Flexible cost and payment terms
Easy-to-understand contract
There is no limit on the number of candidates provided. We add an unlimited number until you decide on "the one".
Extensive pull of candidates to choose from

We have already closed such positions as

We will find a specialist of any grade, stack, country of residence, work experience, language knowledge, work permits
  • Computer Support Specialist
    Customer Support Specialist;
    Systems Administrator;
    Technical Support Engineer.
  • Information Technology Analyst
    System Analyst
    Business Analyst
    BI Analyst
    ETL Analyst
    Big Data Analyst
  • QA Specialist
    Auto QA Engineer (Python, Java, Javascript)
    Manual QA Engineer
    Mobile QA Engineer
    Web QA Engineer
  • Information Technology Leadership
    Chief Information Officer (CIO)
    Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
    Technical Operations Officer
    Architect (System, Enterprise)
    Project Managers
    Product Managers
    Product Owners
    Product Marketing Managers.
  • Software Development
    Java Developer
    .NET Developer
    Python Developer
    C/C++ Developer
    C# Developer
    Node.js Developer
    JavaScript (React, Vue, Angular) Developer
    Rust Developer
    Go Developer
  • Software Development
    Scala Developer
    iOS Developers
    Android Developers
    Ruby Developers
    PHP Developers
    MatLab Developer
    SQL Developer
    R Developer
    1C Developers

Our workflow

The manager prepares the contract, agrees on the terms of work and cost. In 30 minutes from the time of signing the contract, the vacancy is submitted to the recruiter.
The recruiter contacts you.
Creates a chat and starts searching for candidates. During 1−3 working days shows CVs of candidates already interviewed by us. Appoints and accompanies interviews with you and your team.
After the interview/s, you decide who to hire.
The recruiter presents the offer and agrees on the first employment day with the candidate.
On the appointed day recruiter supervises the candidate and makes sure all necessary documents are provided to you. A warranty replacement period of 1−6 months is fixed.
Signing a contract or letter of guarantee
Recruitment process
Candidate employment

Your guarantees

Only 7% of hired candidates fall under the warranty replacement. 93% of the candidates we hired work for a long time
100% warranty replacement for the candidate from 1 to 6 months from the date of employment. We will make a free replacement of the candidate during the probationary period, if they fail.
There is no limit on the number of candidates we send you. The selection will go on until you choose the one.
We will provide you with candidates who fully meet the requirements in the vacancy.
We will find a candidate for your salary range. For us, there is no impossible task and such restrictions as: the salary is not competitive enough, there are no candidates on the market, the holiday season…
We will find the first candidates in 3 days, so you’ll be able to schedule an interview with them
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  • tariffs

Find the most comfortable tariff plan for you
1 candidate's monthly salary
16% of the candidate's annual income
20% of the candidate's annual income
Warranty replacement
1 month
3 months
6 months
Option to work on a letter of guarantee
Working in parallel with other agencies and/or internal HR
First candidates in 3 days from the start date
Selecting candidates for relocation
Security service checks and analyzes information about the candidate
Discounts if we work on many of your vacancies
Additional services
  • Analysis of the salary market for a given vacancy - free of charge
  • Consultations of accountant on employment of candidates - free of charge
  • Providing an implant recruiter - the cost is discussed individually
  • Recruitment for a fixed fee, with no link to the amount of vacancies we work on - to be discussed individually
  • Non-IT staff recruitment - fee is discussed depending on the vacancies

What customers write about us

  • Never before in my practice have I met such an immersed in their business, always promptly responded and capable of empathy HR-specialist in IT. Even at the first stage they are willing to answer some of the technical questions competently.
  • We would like to say a huge thank you to Wanted Recruiter for the productive work on our jobs. With your help we closed 5 challenging backend developer positions with specific requirements in the shortest possible time.
  • You just turned all my ideas about HR upside down. We wish you to remain as professional as you are, you are an absolute pleasure to talk and do business with!
  • Working and communicating with you was comfortable. The approach has always been flexible, adjusting to our desires and suggestions, and as a result we have established an efficient process. Thanks to the Wanted team.
  • I am very pleased to work with you. I hope it will be a long collaboration.
  • You are professionals. I'm glad I met them. It's rare.

Meet our team

We provide the best service to make our customers happy
  • Krush Tatiana


  • Maltseva Anna
  • Lapteva Valeria
    HR generalist
  • Ichshenko Innokentiy
    Recruitment Team Lead
  • Komolova Anna
    Recruitment Team Lead
  • Alekhin Ivan
    Recruitment Team Lead

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