"Wanted" at Crypto Summit 2023 at the Music Media Dome + bonus "How much is the conference worth?"

Hello everyone!

My name is Ivan and I work for the Wanted recruitment agency. In April we were exhibitors at the Crypto Summit 2023 conference. I would like to share my impressions.

At the end of the article we added a bonus. So how much does it cost to attend such a conference?

"From the very beginning, when I walked into the conference room, I felt the energy and atmosphere of the technology revolution. There were so many people who share a passion for blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. They presented their solutions and successful projects, which aroused great interest among all conference participants. A whole range of different business areas, services and products that all share the same goal - the future. The Wanted team used the opportunity to get to know each of them and negotiate with new partners, to whom we have even begun to recruit different specialists to the teams.
There were many fascinating new technologies, such as a robot that draws pictures by itself using special encryption. It impressed us immensely. The finished drawings came to life and were animated by neural networks in real time, which was really cool and addictive! Also among the exciting products was a blockchain messenger, which allows you to communicate with people, act as a cryptocurrency exchange in parallel and generate texts and images using the AI we all know. This is amazing and very promising for the development of blockchain-based products.

There was a robot dog walking all over the venue! It was like a living creature. He could be stroked, beckoned, and given commands. Next to the robot was his avatar with a remote control.

At Crypto Summit 2023, there were a lot of speakers, experts, and representatives from different areas. The speeches were professional and informative.

Many speakers raised important issues such as: "Roles of cryptocurrencies in the economy", "New blockchain opportunities for financial stability", "Data protection, digital asset management and security". The experts shared their research, analysis and predictions: We learned a lot about technological breakthroughs in these areas and how they are changing our world here and now.

Overall, I had a great experience attending Crypto Summit 2023. The people I met, the products I saw, and the information I received - made it an unforgettable visit. I look forward to attending the next conference and continuing to connect with the people I started to meet at Crypto Summit 2023!"

Ivan Alekhin, Teamlead Recruiter "Wanted", Moscow.

Bonus: How much does it cost to attend such a conference?

If you want to attend the conference simply as a listener, tickets will cost between 5 and 22 thousand roubles if you buy them at the start of sales. The closer to the event, the more expensive the tickets will be. We recommend that you do not delay. The VIP ticket also includes a party with a celebrity performance at the end of the two days of the conference.

If we talk about participation as an exhibitor, this is of course a different price range. Booth placement will cost from 500,000 roubles! The stand construction is done by the organiser. Tickets for staff are included in the price. Then you need to spend money on handouts and merchandise. That's another 100 thousand roubles or so. Several companies did a lottery and raffled off iPhones amongst the visitors. By the way, it was a very effective way of collecting leads!

Plus travel expenses for the staff who will work at the stand, if they are from out of town. That's 120 thousand roubles for 5 people.

Total: construction + merch + additional costs + operating costs = 820 000 roubles.

That's how much on average you need to invest in your participation in the event. Will it pay off? We'll see!