What do IT people smell like?

In 2021, I jokingly made candles with the 'Smell of an accepted offer' to give as a gift to our HR clients. It really hit home with everyone. Then I added some more "scents" and we used the candles as a measure at the Tech Week 2021 conference in Skolkovo. All 150 candles we had stocked for 2 days of the event - were gone in 3 hours...! Then we decided that it would be cool to make our own brand for a narrow audience. Now we have our own production and have released our first collection dedicated to IT people and all office workers. There are plans to make lines for other businesses, and we are thinking about a concept
Tatiana Krush, founder of the Wanted agency and Wanted candles brand

The collection includes 11 "scents": "Plan Fulfilled", "Surrendered Project", "Accepted Scam", "Most Beautiful Morning", "Vacation", "Annual Bonus", "Prize", "Healthy Nervous System", "Calm", "Bitcoin Growth" and one swear word 18+, which cannot be written here. Each candle is individually scented (we use French perfumes in production). For example, a deadline smells like searing garden mint, a holiday smells like sweet chocolate-covered coconut, a beautiful morning smells like pink champagne, a healthy nervous system smells like an herbal gathering or honey.

The candles themselves are made from natural coconut wax, which when melted can be used like massage oil or body cream. It's also handy for relaxing in the middle of the day. A wooden wick is used, which gives a crackling sound as it burns.

Now you can easily determine a colleague's state of mind by looking at which candle will catch their eye. Or give a gift with a subtle hint.

You can purchase the candles from the official website and social media sites Wanted.