Participation in the Smart City 2022 conference

This year we took part in the Smart City 2022 event. Socially significant projects were discussed at the conference:

1) Updating the Smart City project: new ideas and initiatives for further development
2) Protecting information: technologies required by the market for urban environment.
3) Trends: how will data protection requirements change in a secure smart city?
4) Human resource hunger of "safe cities": we spoke on this topic. How to effectively close the need of companies in specialists in the shortest possible time.
5) Responsibility of business and the city in implementing smart security solutions.

It was our first experience as speakers and not just participants. Anna Komolova, HR team lead of Wanted (recruiting agency for the selection of IT specialists) made an interesting report on the topic: "Everybody needs senior, but what about middle? What is the situation on the market with their salaries and mobility?