How does an external recruiter build a dialogue with the customer?


Today the recruiting market is growing and developing more actively than ever before. The demand for the services of recruiting agencies is very high, and there are reasons for this: saving company resources, expanding the search funnel, increasing the effectiveness of recruitment, etc.
But the productive joint work of business representatives and recruiters from external agencies is not always. Below we will analyze why this is so and what to do to achieve the goals quickly.

The speed and success of closing vacancies primarily depends on the relationship built between the company representative and recruiter, so much effort should be applied in this direction. It is important to remember that the parties in this case are actually partners - they have a common goal, for the fulfillment of which is important cohesion and understanding.

6 important principles to follow in order to build a long-term relationship with the customer:

1 - Develop Empathy.
Empathy is one of the most important qualities for a recruiter. It allows you to see what the candidate or the client does not show - doubts, fears, dissatisfaction. Empathy is important in order to hear, listen and understand the person, to be able to put yourself in their shoes, to identify the causes of anxiety or the main motivators and to think of a plan of action in which both parties will benefit.

2 - Engage in an open dialogue.
In order for the joint work with the customer to be productive, it is necessary to build a certain level of trust. In the future, that will allow for a positive response to ideas and suggestions for increased productivity, as well as when dealing with contentious situations, because the customer will know that you are in the same boat with him and just as interested in closing the position as he is.

3 - Build a collaborative working model.
Many recruiting agencies offer turnkey services, but that doesn't mean that the customer won't be involved in the closing process at all. He, as the person who has a need for a certain specialist on his project, is likely to be involved in this process in one way or another.
Candidates don't always like to talk to a recruiter about a project, the words of a person who directly works in a company and is a technical specialist or manager have much more weight, and this makes sense, so when you have built a model of working together with a customer and have the opportunity to connect him at the final stage, for example, when selling an offer - chances to close the position become several times higher.

4 - It is important to have a good base of theoretical knowledge.
In order to speak to the customer "in the same language" the recruiter should understand not only the difference between Java and JavaScript, but also how processes can be built within the company, what methodologies can be used, know libraries and frameworks. First of all it gives the customer the understanding that the recruiter is really experienced and knows what he is talking about when he suggests solutions to improve the recruitment process. Moreover, this is literally the cornerstone of the job - without knowledge of the theoretical basics it is not possible to close any vacancy. It is from this that the following principle follows

5 - Quality job performance.
Nothing disposes a customer to a recruiter like results and deliverable promises. Punctuality, clear deadlines, autonomy and, most importantly, closable positions are key to the success of building a long-term relationship with a partner. Business representatives are people of logic, numbers and facts. They have project tasks to complete, so when working with an outside recruiter, it is the full and timely completion of tasks that is the foundation of all the basics.

6 - Quality representation of the face of the company.
In the recruitment process, the first person who will be in contact with candidates is the recruiter, so it is critical to understand the responsibility that rests on their shoulders at this point. Further communication with the company will depend on how the initial call will go, how the person will behave and sell the project - how much the candidate will trust the managers, how interesting he will be to learn more about the company and whether he will want to continue the communication at all. Customers who decide to resort to the help of recruitment agency expect that HR brand of their company will not only be intact, but at best it will strengthen in the ranking of employers.